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This is a place to share my Digital Studio Recording techniques for DAW with other serious songwriters, musicians and producers who also enjoy recording multi-track digital music— just like myself.

Although I've posted excellent DAW visual tutorial clips here by others, many of the software recording techniques I've also developed and show are essentially IBM platform based using Windows XP-Pro. However, in some cases where applicable; I'll also show some views and clip shots of similar techniques that can be used on Mac based platforms depicting Pro Tools ® as well.

My goal is not to recommend or promote any particular operating system a/o software manufacturer—at all. But rather, to visually show you realistic, simple and understandable terms about DAW that are easy and fun to grasp such as:

1. WHAT DAW is.
2. HOW it is used.
3. WHERE you can find out more information about it.

In addition, I'm including affiliate links on this site's right panel window where you can read further articles by other accredited experts on the subject of DAW. While over there, you can also listen to some of my original songs I've composed, performed and produced using DAW over the past several years.

ALSO, there are many more important and helpful links with information about other things for you regarding:

1. International and U.S. Copyright Laws for Songwriters!
2. Song Publishing Affiliates World-wide (ASCAP / BMI and SESAC )! 
3. Free Music Sites you can upload Mp3's to show and sell your own music!
4. Free DAW Music software recording applications for Windows and Mac!

As well as much, much more for you!

SO, come back often because I'm always in the process of constantly updating things around here!

It is my sincere hope that you'll be inspired after finding something on this site that can be useful and helpful as YOU proceed along within your own personal and professional journey in Digital Studio Recording—using DAW!

And don't forget...

You DAW It Here!

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

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