PC Optimization DAW Tips For Both Mac & Windows Platform.

The following are more than just "helpful" or "informative" link studies regarding PC Optimzation DAW Tips For Both Mac and Windows Platforms.

They are vital things to know and understand before any of us considers breaking away from using stock sound cards for DAW and upgrade / purchase to the plethora of various "hybrid" FireWire / USB Audio Converters available today.

Even advanced DAW users can make the mistake of purchasing optimal "hybrid" units mentioned, only to find new frustrations using them because they forgot to correctly "optimize" their computer platform of choice (Mac or IBM) in the first place.

The good news is that PC Optimization is free and can be implemented by you (or a tech associate) before and after the purchasing of "hybrid" A-D Converters.

In addition to resolving many "latency conflict issues" common in DAW, good PC Optimization will also help resolve many more conflicts involving "midi interfacing" that are certain to arise.

Especially areas concerning midi hardware configurations -vs- soft synth implementation.

Here are some good links to help get you started regarding Optimization requirements in DAW for both Mac and Windows as follows:


PC Optimization Guide XP:

Pro Tools Addendum to the PC Optimization Guide (updated 05/15/07):

PC Optimization Guide Vista:

PC Optimization Guide Windows 7:

11 Ways to Optimize Your Mac's Performance:

Good Luck and Happy "Optimal" Hunting!


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