What Is DAW?

DAW is an abbreviation term for: Digital Audio Workstation. While the advent of traditional analog tape based commercial studio recording machines remain employed plentifully today, they are fast being forced to "move over" for DAW. In some instances almost entirely—if not altogether!

Why is that?

Because DAW is essentially based on a variety of complex applications using computer hardware-software technology (Digital). And where other devices that generate sounds digitally (via electronic musical keyboard instruments such as Midi-synthesizers, etc.) can also be programmed by computers to perform multi-track recording and play back of these sounds (Audio) pristinely.

This allows a person to mix and produce all these things together to make beautiful music at breath taking and "lightening fast" speeds. As the above photo suggests, capabilities like this can easily be done within a small area of space using a computer on a desktop or table (Workstation). Hence the term: DAW.

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